Temple, TX

Meet the Director

Angie Neill – Welcome to the Temple, TX chapter website.  I’m truly humbled and blessed to be the director for this brand new chapter in Central Texas.  I’m a homeschool mom of five God loving/fearing kids ranging from 9 to 8 months, four boys and one girl. I love my Catholic faith of 41 yrs and love experiencing it with my husband, children, friends and strangers.  I was a bioengineer in my pre-kid days and now have the best job in the world educating my children.  I’m excited that the Holy Spirit lit the fire for Aishu and I to start and lead this wonderful chapter.

Aishu Dimayuga – I am the co-director of the Catholic Schoolhouse chapter in Temple, TX. I am a military spouse, mom of two beautiful children and a Biochemistry major. I am also a convert from the Hindu faith, and currently a parishioner of Christ the King Catholic Church in Belton, TX. I learned about the Catholic Schoolhouse when I was researching about providing a solid Catholic Classical education that integrates all areas of development. It was no coincidence when my friend Angie and I were called by the Holy Spirit to start a one of a kind homeschooling group that supports our community through Classical education.


We believe that the Catholic Schoolhouse will not only establish deeper family unity but will help children to grow in virtues and develop a deep relationship with God. What a blessing it is for us to have an option in the Central Texas area that provides a Classical Catholic education to homeschooling families! We have always been inspired by the truth and the beauty of our Catholic faith that is centered on the teachings of Christ. We are excited to experience and witness all the amazing Blessings Catholic Schoolhouse will bring to our families! Thank you all for your support and willingness to be part of this amazing journey!